Poker Run

In April, Rotaract | SLO organized and ran a poker run in San Luis Obispo in order to raise money to send bicycles to Africa through a non-profit organization, World Bicycle Relief (WBR). WBR developed a bike that was designed to be durable, efficient, and suitable for the terrain in which they were to be sent.  In addition to developing these unique bikes, WBR set up bike assembly facilities in countries receiving the bikes in order to help employ local populations and meet the demand for the bikes.  Since 2005, WBR has distributed over 24,000 bicycles to people in over six countries!

Before the poker run had begun, Rotaract | SLO had set a goal of raising enough money to purchase 60 bikes, which was 20 more than we had purchased last year.  By gathering donations from local businesses, we were able to have raffles for best and worst hands, as well as many other categories.  The local Rotary Clubs and members of SLO came out with their best poker faces, and with their help we were able to purchase 61 bikes! Thank you to all you donated, volunteered, and participated in the 2013 Poker Run.

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