‘Rolling Roast’ – Kyle’s Demotion

Hop on Beer Tours — on the bus we have 9 brave Rotaractors on a ‘Rolling Roast’ of Kyle Thomas as we proceed to 3 breweries. IF at any point during the trip someone says “Rotary” or “Rotaract” (or any form of the words) all participants must silently switch seats.

STOP #1: Figuero Mtn

** Rotisserie Roast: Backhanded compliments, sarcasm encouraged. Names are a rule breaker THEN Roast Master calls out: “rotate your roast” and that person has to move seats

STOP #2: BarrelHouse Speakeasy

** Honey Roast: Only compliments are allowed for everyone. Rule breaker = sarcasm; curse words THEN Roast Master calls out “buzz, buzz broke a rule” and that person has to impersonate a bee

STOP #3: Bang the Drum

** Sizzling-sirloin Roast: Straight up insults/roasts to Kyle.  With each roast, a hand gesture is required IF omitted = rule breaker. Other rule breakers are compliments and the word ‘please’. Roast Master calls out “failure to sizzle that roast”.


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